Amazonian Mushroom Spores


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Amazonian is a classic mushroom spore. Amazonian is quite large, and is known for growing in the Amazon rainforest, as many other mushrooms do. This Amazonian strain produces very thick and fleshy mushrooms. Fruit bodies are very solid and have a massive stem.


This particular Amazonian/psilocybe cubensis mushroom strain is known for growing in the Amazon rainforest, as many other mushrooms do. Its substrates are usually either enriched soils or equine dung. 

These mushrooms are known to usually be dense fruits with nippled caps. The diameter of these mushroom spores for sale usually ranges from around one to two inches, growing as it matures. Psilocybin cubensis spores end up growing into psilocybin cubensis mushrooms, which can be found in the U.S., Central America, South America, Southeast Asia, and Australia. They are also robust when it comes to adjusting to different environmental conditions.

The mushroom spores for sale are also known for their growing speed. This particular mushroom strain is a psilocybe cubensis, which means that it contains both psilocybin and psilocin. These psilocybin spores are known for forming interesting and exotic shapes, as well. These psilocybe cubensis spores usually grow to be about six inches, but some can grow to be as large as twelve inches tall!

The Amazonian/psiilocybe cubensis mushroom is also known for deep blue coloring, and its stems are caps are proportionate in size. One of the reasons that these magic mushroom spores are popular is because they perform well in cooler temperatures, which is ideal for those who are interested in year-round research.

These mushroom spores usually grow to have caps that are cinnamon brown to yellow brown in color. The stems are usually a white yellow color, but they could end up turning blue when touched.


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