Master Mind – Lime Gummy Hearts – (750mg each)


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The Mastermind Gummy Hearts contain 3000mg of our premium blend of Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms . These Lime flavored gummies are easy on both your stomach and taste buds! The Gummy Hearts are perfect for first timers, or casual day tripping. Each bag comes with 4 x 750mg Gummy Hearts.


The Master Mind – Lime Gummy Hearts are a product that contains 3000mg of a premium blend of Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms. These gummies are designed to be gentle on both the stomach and taste buds, making them suitable for first-timers or casual day tripping. Each bag contains 4 x 750mg Gummy Hearts, and they are available in flavors such as Grape, Cherry, Lime, Orange, and a Variety Pack. Here’s a summary of the key details:

  • Price: The product is priced at $47.50 and has the potential to earn up to 48 points.

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  • The customer reviews reflect a mix of opinions, with some customers reporting positive effects and enjoyable taste, while others expressed dissatisfaction with the taste and effects.

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  • The product is available for delivery to specific cities and areas, with delivery times typically ranging from 2-4 hours.

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