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The Mazatapec mushroom originates from Mexico and is named after the ancient Mazatapec people. The effects are stronger than other types of mushrooms such as the Thai or Cambodian magic mushroom. Be prepared for some strong visual effects and a fun trip to enjoy with friends


Mazatapec for sale -The Mazatapec strain was named after the Mazatec people of Mexico, who have traditionally used it for religious and spiritual purposes. Unfortunately, somebody added two extra letters to the name by mistake, and by the time somebody noticed, the garbled name had gotten too popular to change. Potentially adding to confusion, although this strain is Mexican in origin, it is not the same as the strain called “Mexican.” The two are similar, but not identical. Mazatapec can be a slow grower, but often produces large flushes of brown-capped mushrooms.


Mazatapec is said to be less potent than the average P. cubensis strain, but also gentler on the body, causing fewer side-effects. Its high is also said to be very spiritual, as might be expected of something originally used for religious purposes. It is a favorite of both beginners and spiritual seekers.

What Do Mazatapec Magic Mushrooms Look and Smell Like?

Mazatapec Cubensis has a fairly similar appearance to nearly all other members of the Psilocybe Cubensis family (except for the notorious Penis Envy strain). It features long, off-white stems speckled with orange or blue colours that often curve, tapering as they attach to the fungi’s cap.mazatapec review

Mazatapec magic mushrooms have a fairly unique texture when you eat them. They’re somehow simultaneously dry and wet, crunchy and sticky. Sometimes, users will eat them in a peanut butter sandwich to hide the taste.

The effects of the Mazatapec magic mushroom

The effects of this mushroom is a spiritual one. You will learn more about life and yourself. In ancient tribes, this magic mushroom has been used to come in contact with the gods. You can get some new insights about yourself and your life. The colours change when you use this magic mushroom and lastly sounds could sound a bit different as well.

Mazatapec Mushroom Dosage/Mazatapec dose

  • Microdosing 0,2 gram dried mushrooms or 2 grams fresh mushrooms
  • Mild trip: 1 gram dried mushroom or 9 grams fresh mushrooms
  • Normal Trip: 2 grams dried mushrooms or 21 grams fresh mushrooms
  • Intense trip: 3,5 grams dried mushrooms or 35 grams fresh mushrooms

What Do Mazatapec Magic Mushrooms Do?

Like all magic mushrooms, Mazatapec Cubensis naturally develop a molecule called psilocybin. This compound can cause psychedelic trips in humans, which may manifest in several ways like changed perception of time, yawning, visual hallucinations, and emotional euphoria. These effects may last between 4 and 6 hours, setting in after 45 minutes or so.

For first-time magic mushroom users, it’s important to keep dosage fairly low. This will give you an idea of how psilocybin affects your individual body and mind. A single gram is usually enough to start – after that, feel free to increase the dosage. Many experienced psychonauts frequently take doses of 3 grams or more, which results in a significantly more intense experience.


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